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When Best to Book Flights to Melbourne, Australia

Melbourne city at night

Flying into Melbourne, Australia brings to mind many scenes including the Yarra River.

Travelling to Melbourne can be exciting any time of the year, and flights to Melbourne, Australia are easy to obtain from virtually any major or capital city in the country and from around the world. Melbourne has many things to do for people of all ages and can be a great destination on its own or a fun stopover during a longer holiday. Melbourne is known for its love of sports and is home to the Melbourne Cricket Ground (MCG). Nature lovers may prefer stopping off at Melbourne Zoo or the Werribee Open Range Zoo or visiting the nearby Phillip Island Nature Park. The Melbourne Museum and the National Gallery of Victoria are also here and can whet your appetite for the many cultural attractions for which artistic Melbourne is best known.

Peak travel season runs from December through February. This is the time when most tourists visit the city. Temperatures are pleasant during the summer but can be hot on occasion. Because so many people enjoy visiting Melbourne during this time, it is critical that you make your travel plans well in advance if you plan to travel here during the summer. The city is much less popular from June through August, which is the low season or off-peak season. The winter months tend to be chilly, but the city still has plenty to offer in the form of cultural events such as the Taste of Melbourne and the Melbourne International Film Festival.

Autumn and spring are the shoulder seasons and may well be the best time to visit this exciting city. Autumn in Melbourne, which runs from March through May, is known for its cool-but-pleasant temperatures and the changing colors of the trees. While the city hosts fewer visitors during the autumn, there is still plenty to do, including the Formula One: Australian Grand Prix and the Melbourne Fashion Festival. Spring runs from September to November, and this is when Melbourne really comes alive. Spring temperatures are similar to autumn temperatures, but the city is bursting with colour as trees and gardens blossom. The Melbourne Writer’s Festival and the Melbourne Cup both occur during the spring and make the city well worth visiting during these months.

Flinders Street Central Train Staion in Melbourne, Australia

Flinders Street Train Station is one location in Melbourne, Australia that you have to visit.

While booking ahead is usually the best way to get the flights and accommodations you want or need, the amount of time you need to book in advance can vary. If you are planning to travel during the low season, you may simply need to book a few weeks in advance since you are competing with fewer travellers for a spot. During peak season, booking your airfare as early in advance as is possible is generally preferable. It is also important that you book your accommodations early. You may need to book up to a year in advance and no later than six months to ensure you have the flights and accommodations you want. Shoulder season travellers tend to have more flexibility. There are far fewer travellers during this time, which means that more flights and rooms are available. However, to get the most competitive rate, you may need to shop for your tickets a few months in advance and no later than six weeks before your travel dates.

Most capital cities in Australia fly directly to Melbourne. International flights will usually include a layover or a stopover. In some cases, a layover or stopover can be more economical. A stopover can also give you an opportunity to explore another city. If you are comparing flight costs, perform a side-by-side comparison of flights with stops and flights without stops to determine which is most affordable for you.

Airfare can vary widely based on the city of origin and other factors. Flights from Perth to Melbourne can be found for just $215 while a flight from Los Angeles to Melbourne will be nearly $1,500. London to Melbourne flights can be found for around $1,300 while flights from Darwin to Melbourne start at just under $400. Many airlines across the globe travel to Melbourne, including Air India, Asiana Airlines, British Airways, China Southern, Delta, Emirates, Cathay Pacific, Royal Brunei, Japan Airlines, Virgin Atlantic, Thai Airways, Air New Zealand, Singapore Airlines, Virgin Australia, American Airlines, Qatar Airways, Malaysia Airlines and Air China.

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